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Services & Certifications

Peach State Media, LLC designs, develops and optimizes WordPress websites and Social Media campaigns to achieve the goals of businesses and non-profits.

Creative web design begins with our thorough research and analysis of your mission, target audience, and your competitors. Peach State Media’s intent will be to design around the purpose and content of your site, offering the web design touch that provides credibility and most importantly meets your needs.

Included Features

website No Hidden Fees Design
updates Unlimited Updates
cms Powerful WordPress CMS
livehelp3 Live Help
stats Traffic Statistics
hosting Website Hosting
social Social Media Links
domain Domain Names
responsive Mobile/Responsive Design
email Email Addresses

Social Media

  • Training for effective Facebook and Twitter more effectively
  • Advertising Campaigns designed for reliable and measurable business results using Facebook and Twitter
  • Monitoring brand and individual online reputations
  • Implementing effective social media campaigns
  • Analyzing campaigns results
  • Applying result analysis to update and revise social media strategy
  • Content writing


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Services & Certifications September 24, 2012